Anonymous asked:

How do you stay positive about yourself during the weight loss process? I can't remember a time when I wasn't overweight, and I can't remember a time when I didn't hate myself for it. Past diets would fail because I fell into a cycle of emotional eating, self loathing, and restricting. I am doing really well this time, but I'm afraid I'll get depressed again and fall off the wagon. How can I love myself at my current size while still losing weight?

Don’t hate yourself. You have to love yourself but not in the way Tumblrites define loving yourself. To them, loving yourself = you are perfect the way you are. Nothing in the world is perfect. We all have flaws and the people we love have flaws. 

When I say I love myself, that means I know that I should treat my body better. For example, when you love someone, you’d want them to be healthy and live a long life, preferably free of sickness and disease. That’s why I nagged my father for years to quit smoking. That’s why we advise people we love not to get blind drink all the time and develop a dependency to alcohol. So when I look at myself in the mirror, I know that I’ve fucked up and I should take steps to fix it. Because I know I can look and feel better. I know that my readings will improve. I can be so much better. 

If a kid fails an important exam, parents may get mad and yell a little at first. But any good parent will make sure the kid does better the next time by getting more involved, enrolling them in extra classes and what not. Because the parents love the kid and wants to see them succeed. 

So hating yourself does nothing. Love yourself. That’s the only way you would take the effort to do something good for yourself. I struggle too. Sometimes I have voices in my head telling me that I am not worth it, that I shouldn’t bother…etc etc. On those days, working out and eating right is a real challenge. 

And remember, no fad diets. Seek a sustainable healthy lifestyle that suits you. 

Anonymous asked:

Fat privilege is going to Olive Garden and breaking one of the booth seats (made a load cracking noise sitting down) and having the manager come over because it was visibly broken. Not having to pay for the damage because obesity. Witnessed this today.

Wait. A  booth was broken? I’ve heard of chairs breaking but a booth!?! 

Wow. How big was this person?

Yea I can imagine the shit storm that will ensue if Olive Garden made the person pay for the the damage, with America being a very litigious country. 

But jeez…how does someone break a booth…gosh.

I bet Fat Activists will say that the booth was ‘poorly made’. That is their go to phrase anytime something doesn’t fit or is damaged by their size/weight. 

pessimisticscouser asked:

Hey :) When I turn 18 I'll be applying for an SIA license and have a family friend hook me up working as a bouncer. I've been given advice on not only trying to build muscle at the gym but fat as well. As they said, we need bulldozers, not boxers. This is conflicting as on one hand I want the job and the money, on the other, I want to loose weight. Any idea on what I should do? I can't really be lanky as I'll be working in Toxteth (terrible part of Liverpool) and I can't afford to be too light.


Soooo basically you need to look like the hawt bear guy on the left, am I correct? By the way, I don’t think the guy is fat at all. He just has more body fat on top of his muscles than the CK model. 

That’s fine, I suppose. I’ve seen loads of guys like this. Super thick and muscly. You are not becoming obese or anything. You are just having a good layer of fat on top of your bulging muscles. I don’t have much of an opinion on this. I don’t think you are becoming fat per se. Just bulky.

Just focus on building muscles my man. You should be fine. 


It’s great seeing fat people at the gym. Why? Because it means that they realize they have a problem, and they’re actually trying to fix that problem.

Body positivity isn’t looking in the mirror and pretending that being fat is “sexy”. Body positivity is looking in the mirror and saying “I can fix this”, then going to the gym to do exactly that.